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Violent Inside; Beautiful & Evil.

I make Tesseract necklaces guys! $25 each(: AVENGERS STUFF! :D

Click the image to be taken straight to the listing, or follow this link to my shop:


Also: Made a side blog of my Etsy! I mostly just promote other Etsy items & shops I love, along with my own items, customer reviews, projects, & specials; if you’re into that kinda thing give it a follow(:

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Melissa: 24yrs, N.Cali, Italian.
Bon Scott is my Hero & my spirit animal.
I love my 280Z, Loki, Gaga, & a Leto.
Aspiring photographer
& jewelry designer.
My Sky. My Limit.
Instagram: @GirlsGotRhythm <3
Take a bite of my bad girl meat.
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